The National Advanced Mobility Consortium (NAMC) is a nation-wide alliance of traditional and nontraditional small businesses, large defense contractors, academic institutions, and other research organizations involved with the translational research and development of the complete range of prototype, ground vehicle and robotics systems and technologies.

The NAMC is not open to Government employees or offices.

The Aquisition Management Office (AMO) located at the Detroit Arsenal, oversees an alliance of Government employees, offices and agencies which voluntarily bring their ground vehicle and robotic technical needs to the DME for a competitive engagement with members of the NAMC.


The Defense Mobility Enterprise (DME) is a single enterprise of two consortia: an alliance of Government Laboratories and Agencies managed by the Acquisition Management Office (AMO) and an Industry/Academic consortium – the National Advanced Mobility Consortium (NAMC). The AMO is located at the Detroit Arsenal (TARDEC), and is open to all Government employees from all services.